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CHEM 210 – General Chemistry I (CRN: 42009) at Skyline College for Spring 2019

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Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/96-108 lab. Prerequisite: MATH 120, or MATH 123 or appropriate placement test score and other measures as appropriate, or equivalent. Recommended: CHEM 192 or one year of high school college preparatory chemistry with a grade of C or better, or equivalent.
The first semester of a two-semester sequence with laboratory intended for science, engineering and pre-professional majors. Includes a detailed study of atomic and molecular structures, stoichiometric calculations, solutions, thermochemistry, gas laws, physical states, atomic electron orbital theory, and chemical bonding. The course also includes laboratory study of these concepts, experimental chemistry techniques, and the analysis and interpretation of experimental findings.Transfer credit: UC; CSU (B1, B3).

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Department: Chemistry

Number of Units: 5

AB - Lecture and/or Discussion
Meeting Date: 01/14-05/15
Meeting Time: 12:10pm-1:25pm
Days: M, W
Building: 04 Room: 170
Instructor: Kei Lee Liu
AB - Laboratory/Studio/Activity
Meeting Date: 01/14-05/13
Meeting Time: 2:10pm-3:50pm
Days: M
Building: 07 Room: 7109
Instructor: John Schaffert
AB - Laboratory/Studio/Activity
Meeting Date: 01/16-05/15
Meeting Time: 2:10pm-5:50pm
Days: W
Building: 07 Room: 7333
Instructor: John Schaffert
Critical Dates for this Course Date
Last day to add class January 28, 2019
Last day to drop with a refund January 28, 2019
Last day to drop without a "W" February 3, 2019
Last day to drop with a "W" April 25, 2019
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