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COMP 680SA – The Art of Coding: iOS App Dev (CRN: 46177) at Skyline College for Spring 2019

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Hours/semester: 32-36 lecture/48-54 lab. Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 100 or ENGL 105, or equivalent; and completion of MATH 110, or MATH 111 and MATH 112, or equivalent.
Introduction to computer hardware and the programming commands to control them. Topics Include: hardware, operating systems, and the Software Development Life Cycle which includes design, development, documentation, the importance of review, principles of testing and maintenance; Algorithm development, Procedural, Structural, and Event-driven programming; data types, variables, expressions, selection and repetition structures, functions passing by value and reference, recursion, all about arrays, file I/O, exception handling, and classes. Students will use the Swift programming language and Apple’s xCode development environment to design and test basic object-oriented, event-driven iOS apps for deployment on an iPhone or iPad. This course engages students in basic computer science concepts and skills necessary to move into and excel in computer science and engineering courses. Transfer credit: CSU.

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Department: Computer Science

Number of Units: 3

Cohort Restriction:


NOTE: This section is cohort restricted for students in the Engineering & Technology Scholars Learning Community. If you would like more information, please contact Jenny Le, Engineering Student Support Specialist, at (650) 738-7048, or by email at

EN - Lecture and/or Discussion
Meeting Date: 01/16-05/17
Meeting Time: 10:10am-11:00am
Days: W, F
Building: 08 Room: 8121
Instructor: Nicholas Langhoff
EN - Laboratory/Studio/Activity
Meeting Date: 01/16-05/15
Meeting Time: 1:10pm-3:50pm
Days: W
Building: 08 Room: 8121
Instructor: Nicholas Langhoff
Critical Dates for this Course Date
Last day to add class January 28, 2019
Last day to drop with a refund January 28, 2019
Last day to drop without a "W" February 3, 2019
Last day to drop with a "W" April 25, 2019
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