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ASTR 115 –  The Solar System (CRN: 97980) at  College of San Mateo for Fall 2024

College of San Mateo Website Day Class Zero Textbook Cost (ZTC) Class Inclusive Access Class

ASTR 115 The Solar System

Study of the sun, planets, their moons, asteroids, and comets, as well as the age and formation of the solar system. Also covers the history of astronomy and the contributions of various cultures to astronomy. Emphasizes the connection between Newton's Laws and the conservation of energy to Kepler's laws of planetary motion. Discusses the results of interplanetary space probes and the discovery of extrasolar planets. Focuses on conceptual understanding of the solar system.

Units: 3
Degree Credit
Letter Grade Only
  • Lecture hours/semester: 48-54
  • Homework hours/semester: 96-108
Prerequisites: None
Corequisites: None
AA/AS Degree Requirements: Area E5a
Transfer Credit: CSU (CSU GE Area B1), UC (IGETC Area 5A)

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Department: Astronomy

Number of Units: 3

Fee Description Type Amount
Book-Inclusive Digital Acc-CSM Flat Fee $60
AA - Lecture and/or Discussion
Meeting Date: 08/14-12/09
Meeting Time: 12:10pm-1:00pm
Days: M, W, F
Building: 36 Room: 0100
Instructor: Darryl Stanford
Critical Dates for this Course Date
Last day to add class August 27, 2024
Last day to drop with a refund August 27, 2024
Last day to drop without a "W" September 2, 2024
Last day to drop with a "W" November 13, 2024
Last day to change to Pass/No Pass Grading Option December 9, 2024
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