ENGL 100  - Composition and Reading at College of San Mateo for Fall 2017 (CRN :  95350)


The English Placement Test is required of all entering freshmen. Students transferring to College of San Mateo with credit in college English will not be required to take the test. They must, however, take the Reading Test if they have not completed English 100 or equivalent with a grade of C or higher. Designed to measure the entrants ability in reading, the mechanics of writing, and composition, the English Placement Test is used (in addition to other information) to determine placement of students in English 100 and other English courses.

The following English courses are credit bearing but not degree applicable, which means that the units count for the purpose of financial aid but not toward the AA/AS degree: 828, 830, 850, 875.


Letter grade. Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/16-18 by arrangement. Prerequisite(s): ENGL 838 or ENGL 848; or ESL 400, or appropriate skill level indicated by the English placement tests.

Description: College reading and writing based on the study of primarily nonfiction materials. Students write a minimum of 8,000 words; writing emphasizes expository forms. (AA: Area C2+ C3 +E2, CSU: Area A2, UC: Area 1A) (C-ID ENGL 100)

This course is offered online and it is recommended you complete a short self-assessment to ensure readiness before taking an online course. http://www.smccd.edu/degateway/self_assessment.php

Prior to the start date of the online course, the instructor should email students using their my.smccd.edu school email account. All official school communications are directed to your my.smccd.edu email account. To learn how to forward your my.smccd.edu email to your primary email account, go to Redirecting Email tutorial page. If you have not received an email from your instructor by the start date of the course, you can contact the instructor at their email address: luckj@smccd.edu.

College of San Mateo MAP                          Department: English                          Number of Units: 3       

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IGETC: 1A-Engl Composition - CSM

CSU:   A2-Written Comm - CSM and A3-Critical Thinking - CSM

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Section Information as of Saturday, October 21st 2017 - 11:21:00 pm

Instructor Email: luckj@smccd.edu.

Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Luck,J 08/16-12/16 TBA ONLN OLH Online

Critical Dates for this Course
Last day to add class: 29-AUG-2017
Last day to drop with a refund: 29-AUG-2017
Last day to drop without a "W": 04-SEP-2017
Last day to drop with a "W": 15-NOV-2017

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