MATH 253  - Calculus/Analytic Geom III at College of San Mateo for Fall 2017 (CRN :  82680)

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Letter grade. Hours/semester: 80-90 lecture. Prerequisite(s): MATH 252. Recommended: Eligibility for READ 400 or an equivalent level of reading proficiency.

Description: Study of the calculus of functions of several independent variables, partial derivatives, vectors and vector calculus to include Green's theorem, Stokes' theorem, and the divergence theorem. (AA, CSU: Area B4, UC: Area 2A*) (C-ID MATH 230)

College of San Mateo MAP                          Department: Mathematics                          Number of Units: 5       

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IGETC: 2A-Math & Quant Reas - CSM

CSU:   B4-Math/Quant Reason - CSM

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Hasson,R 08/16-12/13 7:00pm-9:25pm Monday Wednesday 18 0205 JA Lecture and/or Discussion

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