ECE. 212  - Child, Family, and Community at Cañada College for Fall 2012 (CRN :  89061)


Units (Letter grade) 3; Class Hours: Minimum of 48 lecture hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for READ 836, and ENGL 836 or ESL 400; Prerequisite(s): None.

Description: An examination of the developing child in a societal context focusing on the interrelationship of family, school and community and emphasizes historical and socio-cultural factors. The processes of socialization and identity development are highlighted, showing the importance of respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families. (Fulfills Associate degree Ethnic Studies requirement.) Transfer: CSU: DSI, UC. (IGETC: 4)

Cañada College                          Department: Early Childhood Education                          Number of Units: 3       

Offsite Campus Address: John Gill School, 555 Avenue del Ora, Redwood City, CA, 94062

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IGETC: 4G-Interdisciplinary - Canada

CSU:   D7-Interdisciplinary - Canada

Corequisite(s): ECE. 212 ESH is linked with CRN 93489: ESL 860 EZH. When you enroll in a linked section you must enroll in the companion course(s).

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Este curso se enfoca en la examinación de nuestra niñez dentro de un contexto social enraizado en la ecología que forman la familia, la escuela y la comunidad, y enfatiza los elementos culturales, socio-políticos e históricos de nuestra región. (Satisface los requisitos para el Associate Degree en Estudios Étnicos.) RECOMENDACION: Aptitud para LECTURA 836, e INGLES 836 o ESL 400. Transferible a: CSU: DSI y UC. (IGETC: 4)

Una niñez / Dos Lenguajes – ECE./ESL Comunidad de Aprendizaje:

Curso de Noche dado en la escuela John Gill

ECE. 212 ESH está conectado con el CRN 93489: ESL 860 EZH. Cuando se inscribe en un curso conectado se tiene que inscribir en el curso que lo acompaña.

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Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Palma,M 08/23-12/13 6:55pm-10:10pm Thursday JGSC ESH Lecture and/or Discussion

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Last day to add class: 31-AUG-2012
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