ENGR 240  - Engineering Dynamics at Cañada College for Fall 2012 (CRN :  90573)


Units (Letter grade) 3; Class Hours: Minimum of 48 lecture/16 by arrangement lab hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for READ 836, and ENGL 836 or ESL 400; Prerequisite(s): PHYS 250.

Description: This course covers fundamentals of kinematics and kinetics of particles and rigid bodies. Topics include kinematics of particle motion; Newton's second law, work-energy and momentum methods; kinematics of planar and three-dimensional motions of rigid bodies; D'Alembert's principle, work-energy and momentum principles for rigid body motion; introduction to mechanical vibrations. Transfer: CSU, UC.

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Online Course:

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Recommended orientation meeting for ENGR 240 OXH:

90573 ENGR 240 OXH Wed 5:05-5:55 16-110 Enriquez 3.0 8/22-8/22

Instructor Email: enriquez@smccd.edu.

Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Enriquez,A 08/22-08/22 5:05pm-5:55pm Wednesday 16 0110 OXH Lecture and/or Discussion
Enriquez,A 08/20-12/19 TBA ONLN OXH Online
Enriquez,A 08/20-12/19 TBA 1 Hrs/Wk ONLN OXH Online

Critical Dates for this Course
Last day to add class: 31-AUG-2012
Last day to drop with a refund: 31-AUG-2012
Last day to drop without a "W": 09-SEP-2012
Last day to drop with a "W": 16-NOV-2012

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