GEOL 101  - Geology Laboratory at Cañada College for Fall 2012 (CRN :  92731)


Units (Grade Option) 1; Class Hours: Minimum of 48 lab hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for READ 836, and ENGL 836 or ESL 400; Prerequisite(s): Completion of, or concurrent enrollment in GEOL 100.

Description: Identification of common earth materials such as minerals, soils, and rocks. Investigation of geologic processes, including plate tectonics, earthquakes, and mountain building. Includes studies of surficial processes including rivers, groundwater, glaciers, and landslides. General investigation of geologic time and the history of the Earth. Field trips may be required. Transfer: CSU: B3 (only if GEOL 100 is successfully completed prior to or concurrently with GEOL 101), UC. (IGETC: 5C*)

Cañada College MAP                          Department: Geology                          Number of Units: 1       

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CSU:   B3-Science Lab - Canada

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Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Mahoney,S 08/21-12/11 12:45pm-3:35pm Tuesday 16 0005 AA Laboratory/Studio/Activity

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Last day to add class: 31-AUG-2012
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Last day to drop without a "W": 09-SEP-2012
Last day to drop with a "W": 16-NOV-2012

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