PHIL 240  - Introduction to Ethics at Cañada College for Fall 2012 (CRN :  90025)


Units (Grade Option) 3; Class Hours: Minimum of 48 lecture hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for READ 836, and ENGL 836 or ESL 400; Prerequisite(s): None.

Description: This course discusses the major ethical principles and theories in the world. How these principles apply to one's ethical decision making and moral responsibility is examined. Classical and contemporary deontological and teleological theories and existential theory and others are studied. Contemporary ethical issues, abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, feminism, and terrorism are also examined. Transfer: CSU: C2, UC. (IGETC: 3B)

Cañada College MAP                          Department: Philosophy                          Number of Units: 3       

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IGETC: 3B-Humanities - Canada

CSU:   C2-Humanities - Canada

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Young,F 08/21-12/11 8:10am-9:25am Tuesday Thursday 17 0105 AA Lecture and/or Discussion

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Last day to add class: 31-AUG-2012
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