CHEM 210  - General Chemistry I at Cañada College for Fall 2017 (CRN :  93323)

CHEM 210 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I (C-ID CHEM 110) (C-ID CHEM 120S; both CHEM 210 and 220 must be taken)

Units (Letter grade) 5; Class Hours: 48-54 lecture/96-108 lab hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 100; Any Preparation for Chemistry course or other measures that demonstrate proficiency in general science and preparation for study of college chemistry. This includes completion of high school chemistry with a grade of “C” or better; Prerequisite(s): MATH 120, or MATH 123 (offered at CSM or Skyline) or satisfactory score on District math placement test and other measures as appropriate that indicate proficiency in Intermediate Algebra.

Description: This course is the first half of a two-semester sequence in general chemistry intended for students pursuing majors in physical sciences, biological sciences and engineering. The topics include atomic theory, stoichiometry, chemical bonding, thermochemistry, periodicity, molecular geometry, gas laws, solution stoichiometry, intermolecular forces and selected topics covering redox and acid-base reactions. The laboratory program includes gravimetric, colorimetric, and selected volumetric methods of analysis. Students are introduced to spreadsheet and graphical analysis of laboratory data and molecular modeling, and perform a variety of computer-interfaced experiments. Transfer: CSU: B1, B3, UC. (IGETC: 5A, 5C)

Cañada College MAP                          Department: Chemistry                          Number of Units: 5       

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IGETC: 5A-Physical Science - Canada

CSU:   B1-Physical Science - Canada

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Tricca,R 08/17-12/07 11:10am-12:25pm Tuesday Thursday 17 0109 AD Lecture and/or Discussion
Tricca,R 08/17-12/07 2:10pm-5:00pm Tuesday Thursday 18 0311 AD Laboratory/Studio/Activity

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