MATH 130  - Analytical Trigonometry at Cañada College for Spring 2013 (CRN :  43396)

Most Mathematics courses have prerequisites that are listed as part of the course description in the Schedule of Classes. Before registering for a Mathematics course, be sure you have completed the stated prerequisite.

Note to all Algebra students:

The Math Department uses a single textbook for the Elementary and Intermediate Algebra sequence. This allows students to complete the Algebra sequence in three different ways: a four semester sequence of MATH 111, 112, 122, and 123 each covering one fourth of the book; a two semester sequence of MATH 110 and MATH 120 each covering half of the book; or a combination of the above. Please see your counselor to be sure you take the correct course.


Units (Letter grade) 4; Class Hours: Minimum of 64 lecture/16 by arrangement lab hours/semester; Recommended: Eligibility for READ 836, and ENGL 836 or ESL 400; Prerequisite(s): MATH 120 or 121 or 123, or appropriate score on District math placement test and other measures as appropriate.

Description: Covers trigonometric functions of angles and real numbers, graphs of the trigonometric functions, trigonometric equations, the proof and uses of trigonometric identities, solving triangles, inverse functions, and complex numbers. Transfer: CSU: B4.

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CSU:   B4-Math/Quant Reason - Canada

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Do you want to get ready for calculus? You can complete both trigonometry and pre-calculus in just one semester. Get access to additional support and tutoring to help you focus on learning math, and complete both of these courses successfully. Students enroll MATH 130 AG (CRN 43396) now, and we will enroll you in MATH 222 AB (CRN 43558) when classes begin. For more information, please contact Denise Hum at Email:

Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Hum,D 01/14-03/07 8:30am-10:45am Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 17 0205 AG Lecture and/or Discussion
Hum,D 01/14-03/07 TBA 2.4 Hrs/Wk Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 09 0257A AG Laboratory/Studio/Activity

Critical Dates for this Course
Last day to add class: 17-JAN-2013
Last day to drop with a refund: 16-JAN-2013
Last day to drop without a "W": 22-JAN-2013
Last day to drop with a "W": 25-FEB-2013
Transferable: CSU

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