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INTD 128 –  Presentation Techniques (CRN: 39880) at  Cañada College for Spring 2023

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INTD 128 Presentation Techniques

Learn the necessary oral and visual presentation skills needed in the interior design profession. Students explore two-dimensional design techniques, including basic and quick sketch; one and two point perspectives. Development of a professional portfolio looking at the importance of social media to promote work is expected.

Units: 3
Degree Credit
Grade Option (Letter Grade or Pass/No Pass)
  • Lecture hours/semester: 48-54
  • Homework hours/semester: 96-108
Prerequisites: ARCH 110
Corequisites: None
Transfer Credit: CSU

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Department: Interior Design

Number of Units: 3

AAX - Lecture and/or Discussion
Meeting Date: 01/17-05/16
Meeting Time: 9:10am-12:00pm
Days: T
Building: 18 Room: 0221
Instructor: Anjana Joshi
Critical Dates for this Course Date
Last day to add class January 30, 2023
Last day to drop with a section refund January 30, 2023
Last day to drop without appearing on transcript February 5, 2023
Last day to withdraw with a W April 27, 2023
Last day to change to Pass/No Pass Grading Option
(If applicable to the course)
May 16, 2023
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