MUS. 377  - Beginning Guitar at Skyline College for Summer 2014 (CRN :  54772)

MUS. 377 GUITAR I (2)
(Pass/No Pass or letter grade.)
Minimum of 32 lecture hours and 16 lab hours plus 48 lab hours by arrangement/semester. Recommended: MUS. 100 or equivalent.
Basic guitar instruction. Stringing, tuning, fingering, playing techniques, notation, chords and chord progressions, reading guitar music, strum techniques, fingerpicking, playing simple melodies, and accompaniment. Emphasis on popular and folk music literature. Introduction to music theory for the guitar and voice. Individual and group instruction. Transfer credit: UC; CSU.

Skyline College MAP                          Department: Music                          Number of Units: 2       

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Instructor Meeting Date Meeting Time Days Building Room Section Session
Markovich,F 06/16-07/24 12:45pm-1:55pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 01 1115 AX Lecture and/or Discussion
Markovich,F 06/16-07/24 TBA 2 Hrs/Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 01 1115 AX Laboratory/Studio/Activity
Markovich,F 06/16-07/24 2:05pm-2:55pm Monday Tuesday Wednesday 01 1115 AX Laboratory/Studio/Activity

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