ARCH 220  - DesignII:Arch:Form&Built Envr


Letter grade. Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/48-54 lab. Prerequisite(s): ARCH 210; concurrent enrollment in or completion of ARCH 140.

Description: Continuation of the architectural design studio methodology introduced in ARCH 210. Introduction to the tactile, experiential, and ordering elements of architectural and environmental form as physical responses to specific needs and constraints. Design opportunities, lectures, and discussion include the presentation, development, and analysis of elemental architectural solutions and topics. Introduction of fundamental principles and opportunities in the design of elementary three dimensional architectural solutions and the making of buildings in response to specific program needs within defined constraints. Design exercises explore the development of building forms and circulation/movement and experiential quality of space and site analysis and the materiality of building solutions within the context of the problem solving process. Graphic processes and visual analysis combined with model building and freehand drawings and digital media are used for a more critical approach to problem solution and developed graphic expression. Design process issues, setting design goals and objectives and the creation of spatial settings for human use are critically investigated. Graphic supplies will be required. A materials fee in the amount shown in the Schedule of Classes is payable upon registration. (Spring only.) (AA, CSU, UC)


College of San Mateo Department: Architecture Number of Units: 4
This description is for the Fall 2017 term