BIOL 230 - Introductory Cell Biology


Letter grade. Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/48-54 lab. Prerequisite(s): CHEM 210 and either BIOL 210, BIOL 220 or BIOL 215 (Skyline) or BIOL 225 (CaƱada). Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 100 or ENGL 105.

Description: Evaluation and analysis of the living cell and its components. Examines cell structures and metabolism as they relate to cell function and reproduction. (Recommended for all life science and medical science majors.) One or more field trips may be required. Extra supplies may be required. A materials fee in the amount shown in the Schedule of Classes is payable upon registration. (AA: Area E5a, CSU: Area B2+B3, UC: Area 5B+5C) (C-ID BIOL 190)

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College of San Mateo

Department: Biology

Number of Units: 4

This description is for the Spring 2018 term