BIOL 240 - General Microbiology


Letter grade. Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/48-54 lab/16-18 hours by arrangement. Prerequisite(s): A college level biology course with a lab and a college level chemistry course with a lab. This includes BIOL 110, BIOL 210, BIOL 220, BIOL 230, BIOL 250, BIOL 260, BIOL 130 with BIOL 132 (lab), BIOL 225 (CaƱada), OR BIOL 215 (Skyline), AND CHEM 192, CHEM 210, or CHEM 410. Recommended: eligibility for MATH 110 or MATH 111.

Description: Introduction to the morphology, physiology, and genetics of micro-organisms, with emphasis on bacteria and viruses. Includes environmental, applied microbiology, and the role of bacteria and viruses in health and disease. Laboratory work consists of isolation, cultivation, and identification of bacteria and techniques used to demonstrate microbial properties; including serological methods and bioinformatics. (Recommended for students majoring in life science, physical science, health science, and nursing). One or more field trips may be required. (AA: Area E5a, CSU: Area B2+B3, UC: Area 5B+5C)

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College of San Mateo

Department: Biology

Number of Units: 4

This description is for the Spring 2018 term