CHEM 410 - Health Science Chem I


Letter grade. Hours/semester: 48-54 lecture/48-54 lab. Prerequisite(s): MATH 110 or appropriate score on the College Placement Test. Recommended: Eligibility for ENGL 838 or ENGL 848 or ESL 400.

Description: Introduction to chemistry for the health sciences, beginning with scientific measurement and the metric system, followed by chemical bonding, solution chemistry, acids and bases, redox reactions, gases and general aspects of stoichiometry. Extra supplies may be required. Students who complete CHEM 210-CHEM 220 and CHEM 410-CHEM 420 will receive credit for CHEM 210-CHEM 220 only. (AA: Area E5a, CSU: Area B1+B3)

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College of San Mateo

Department: Chemistry

Number of Units: 4

This description is for the Spring 2018 term