NURS 816  - Open Lab for Nursing 211/212

NURS 816 OPEN LAB FOR NURSING 211/212 (.5)

Pass/No Pass grading. Open entry/open exit. Hours/semester: 24-27 lab. Prerequisite(s): Previous or concurrent enrollment in NURS 211 and/or NURS 212. Students practice skills and receive faculty feedback and evaluation, engage in study sessions with peer tutors, demonstrate competency assessment and receive faculty evaluation, complete clinical or skills laboratory make-up assignments, and learn effective skills in a group setting. Focus is on skills and concepts related to NURS 211 Introduction to Nursing and NURS 212 Concepts of Homeostasis in Nursing.


College of San Mateo Department: Nursing Number of Units: .5
This description is for the Fall 2015 term