PLSC 200  - National, State & Local Govt.


Minimum of 80 lecture hours per term. Recommended Preparation: eligibility for ENGL 838/848 and completion of READ 400, 405 or 415 with a grade of C or higher OR concurrent enrollment in READ 400, 405, or 415 OR appropriate skill level as indicated by the reading placement tests or other measures. Not open to students who have taken PLSC 210 or 310 or a comparable course in American or state institutions.

Description: Established primarily for students whose major is political science, prelaw, criminology, or allied behavioral and social sciences. Introduction to the principles and problems of American government at the national, state, and local levels. Examines intergovernmental relationships from a functional point of view. Emphasizes American federalism, judicial review, the political process in the nation and state, civil liberties, foreign policy, and the role of the citizen at all levels of government. (AA: Area E1/AreE5b, CSU: Area D+F2+F3, UC: Area 4+7B+7C)


College of San Mateo Department: Political Science Number of Units: 5
This description is for the Fall 2011 term