READ 415 - Reading Across Disciplines


Pass/No Pass grading. Open entry/open exit. Minimum of 24 to 80 lab hours per term. Recommended Preparation: eligibility for ENGL 838/848 and completion of READ 400 or 405 with a grade of C or higher OR concurrent enrollment in READ 400 or 405 or appropriate skill level as indicated by the Reading placement tests and other measures. Corequisite: concurrent enrollment in a specific transfer-level course in collaboration with this course.

Description: Individualized instruction designed to acquire or improve reading strategies/skills in the various content area classes. Course offerings vary, depending upon the needs and abilities of the student. Designed/coordinated with ongoing academic courses in content areas such as, but not limited to, sociology, psychology, history political science, biology, philosophy and nursing. Weekly scheduled reading appointment required. May include textbook comprehension, principles of learning and retention, note-taking, annotating, discipline-based vocabulary, paraphrasing, reading graphics, test taking, and research techniques. Registration is open through the 12th week of the semester. (May be taken four times for a maximum of 6 units.) (AA, CSU)

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College of San Mateo

Department: Reading

Number of Units: .5 TO 1.5

This description is for the Fall 2010 term